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Bumble Bee Bolt on Kit

(Friction Drive Motor Kit)

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Introducing the Bumble Bee Bolt-On friction drive motor! This kit is built in the USA by Bumble Bee Bolt-On located in Orange Florida. Garold and his team have been building the Bumble Bee Bolt-On for over 20 years. I have had nothing but positive reviews from customers using the Bumble Bee. What is so great about this kit is that when the motor is locked up there is no drag on the bike! Because the motor only weighs 12 lbs. you can ride the bike like a bicycle all day long. When you get tired or just want to scoot around in power mode you just release the lift lever, the motor drive wheel goes down on the back tire and you’re off to the races!

The Bumble Bee will power you along at speeds up to 25-30 mph depending on rider weight and terrain and gets an amazing 200 miles to a gallon of gas! The Bumble Bee fits on almost all bikes and is easy to install!

If you’re ready for some fun, you’re ready for a Bumble Bee!



1.      26cc, .8hp, 2-cycle

2.      Speeds of 25-30 mph.

3.      2-cycle fuel/oil mixture 40:1 (3 oz. per 1 gallon of gas)

4.      200 miles per gallon of gas.

5.      Fits on almost any bicycle.

6.      Easy to install.

7.      Handle Bar Mounted Throttle Lever.

8.      30 day warranty against manufacture defects.


For more information on the Bumble Bee Bolt On or to order yours call;

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