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MoBike HPE

(High Performance Electric)


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Introducing the new  Mobike HPE (High Performance Electric) bicycle by EZ Glider of Houston.

The HPE is a high quallity very quick electric bicycle. She reached speeds of 30.8 mph with a cruise of 24 mph and a range of 23 miles using a 48V 15ah LI (Lithium Ion) battery! The 23 mile range also included 84 stop signs!

The HPE is running a 750W rear wheel electric motor with a 6 speed gear cassette. I was totally surprised when, on the first run, this bike out preformed my gas ECO 1’s during their brake in periods! Acceleration was thrilling and the bikes I am selecting handled superbly.

The MoBike HPE (High Performance Electric) is not any specific bicycle. Each one is built from the ground up using different frames. My number one priority is safety. So every HPE will have front and rear linear brakes.

EZ Glider’s entry into the electric bike business is a step above the rest. But then again, all of my MoBikes are a step above the rest!

For more information on the MoBike HPE (High Performance Electric) or to order yours call;

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