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MoBike Touring Model

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         MoBike Touring Right     MoBike Touring Right

     Introducing the MoBike Touring Model! Built on a light weight road frame with thin 28” road tires; this bike is agile and quick! I added 6” rise handlebars and a high quality rear view mirror to make prolonged riding more comfortable and safe. The MoBike Touring comes with front and rear linear brakes operated by a single right hand 2 in 1 brake lever leaving your left hand free to operate the clutch! The touring style saddle enhances the weight distribution to keep this bike nimble1


     The MoBike Touring model is powered by a 66cc, 2.75hp, 2-cycle (you mix gas and oil) MoBike mid-engine motor kit that can cruise this bike at 25-30mph with a top speed of 35 mph. after break in. If you add the optional performance package you can go even faster!


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